Research Interests:

My main research interests are in topological dynamics, set theory, and topology. A current CV can be found here.


“Universal flows and automorphisms of P(ω)/fin” Preprint.

(with Jörg Brendle and Joel David Hamkins) “The subseries number” Preprint.

“Which subsets of an infinite random graph look random?” Preprint.

(with Andreas Blass, Jörg Brendle, Joel David Hamkins, Michael Hardy, and Paul Larson) “The rearrangement number,” Preprint.

(with Nate Ackerman) “Indivisible sets and well-founded orientations of the Rado graph,” Preprint.

“Abstract omega-limit sets,” Preprint, to appear in Journal of Symbolic Logic.

(with Jonathan Meddaugh and Brian Raines) “Shadowing is generic on dendrites,” Preprint, to appear in Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems – Series S

(with Piotr Oprocha) “Ultrafilters and Ramsey-type shadowing phenomena in topological dynamics,” Preprint, to appear in the Israel Journal of Mathematics

“Ideals and idempotents in the uniform ultrafilters,”  Topology and its Applications 237 (2018), pp. 53-66. (link)

(with James Kelly and Tim Tennant) “The specification property and infinite entropy for certain classes of linear operators,” Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 453 (2017), pp. 917-927. (link)

(with Jonathan Verner) “G-delta and co-meager semifilters,” Fundamenta Mathematicae 235 (2016), pp. 153-166. (link)

(with Mike Mislove) “Every infinite group can have a non-measurable subgroup,” Topology and its Applications 210 (2016), pp. 144-146. (link)

“Ramsey shadowing and minimal points,” Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 144 (2016), pp. 2697-2703. (link)

“On neight,” Topology Proceedings 47 (2016), pp. 1-18. (link)

(with Jonathan Meddaugh and Brian Raines) “Chain transitivity and variations of the shadowing property,” Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 35, no. 7 (2015), pp. 2044-2052. (link)

“P-sets and minimal right ideals in N*,” Fundamenta Mathematicae 229 (2015), pp. 277-293. (link)

(with Arnie Miller) “Partitions of 2^ω and completely ultrametrizable spaces,” Topology and its Applications 184 (2015), pp. 61-71. (link)

“Completely ultrametrizable spaces and continuous bijections,” Topology Proceedings 45 (2015), pp. 233-252. (link)

“Preservation and destruction in simple refinements,” Topology and its Applications 178 (2014), pp. 236-247. (link)

(with Mike Mislove) “From Haar to Lebesgue via domain theory,” in Horizons of the Mind: a tribute to Prakash Panangaden, eds. F. van Breugel et. al., Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 2014. (link)

(with Chris Good, Robin Knight, and Dave McIntyre) “Finite intervals in the lattice of topologies,” Order 31, iss. 3 (2014), pp. 325-335. (link)

(with Jan van Mill, and Rolf Suabedissen) “Homogeneity and generalizations of 2-point sets,” Houston Journal of Mathematics 40, 3 (2014), pp. 885-898. (link)

“The Toronto problem,” Topology and its Applications 162 (2014), pp. 76-90. (link)

“A cardinal invariant related to cleavability,” Topology and its Applications 160 (2013), pp. 412-420. (link)

“Non-well-founded extensions of V,” Mathematical Logic Quarterly 159, 3 (2013), pp. 167-176. (link)

Slides from Talks:

Autohomeomorphisms of N*, Conference in honor of Gary Gruenhage’s 70th birthday, Auburn, 2017 (slides)

About βN, job interview talk, UNC Charlotte, 2017 (slides)

Ramsey theory meets topological dynamics, 2017 Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference, Jersey City, 2017 (slides)

Quotients of the shift map (for birds), Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications, Leicester, 2016 (slides)

Quotients of the shift map (for frogs), Toposym, Prague, 2016 (slides)

Ramsey-type results in topological dynamics, AIMS conference, Orlando, 2016 (slides)

Dynamics in N*, Baylor mathematics colloquium, Waco, 2015 (slides)

Ultrafilters on semifilters, Winter School in Abstract Analysis, Hejnice (Czech Rep.), 2015 (slides)

Preservation under refinement, International Conference for Topology and its Applications, Nafpaktos (Greece), 2014 (slides)

Ramsey shadowing and recurrence, Galway Topology Colloquium, Birmingham, 2014 (slides)

Stone Duality, More Duality, and Dynamics in βN, Oxford Analytic Topology Seminar, Oxford, 2014 (slides)

Completely Ultrametrizable Spaces and Continuous Bijections, Spring Topology and Dynamics Conference, Richmond (VA), 2014 (slides)


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